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about a little ones life in war torn England

I was born in Poole, UK in 1943 during the war and spent my school years at a number of boarding schools in rural England before following my brother Patrick to sea in 1961 as a cadet deck officer.


My near misses and many adventures at sea took me to over 75 countries from Okinawa to India, Mexico to South Africa and most countries in between – (another book or two on the way), and eventually I moved on and up through the ranks to became a Captain in the Merchant Navy.


Always fascinated with law and politics and by now thoroughly disillusioned by the march of electronic navigation and the looming spectre of containerisation, I started studying law by correspondence whilst still on the high seas. I completed my legal qualifications part time and at night school, whilst working as a cargo superintendent at a large container terminal in Sydney.  


I was admitted as a Barrister in 1984 and as a solicitor in 1986, when with my extensive maritime and practical background, I was head hunted by a Sydney law firm to work on a major aviation case which settled in the end, leaving me free to be poached by another firm, which specialised in shipping amongst other areas of the law.


I remained there happily for many years, practicing the dark arts as an international maritime and aviation solicitor based in Sydney and ever one for punishment, I obtained my Masters in Law from Sydney University, again working on a part time basis. 


Having also practiced law in London, Amsterdam, Melbourne and Dubai, I now run my own specialist property, building and construction practice in Sydney.


Since becoming a lawyer, I have written articles and editorial consistently over many years for the commercial and shipping trade press, both in Australia and overseas including providing weekly columns of acerbic and humorous comment on topical aspects of the maritime industry and the law.  In Dubai I wrote for the local press on matters of interest and latterly as a legal columnist to the building trade in the racy magazine “Tradie”.


I write a daily journal and I have recently revived my long time interest in drawing and watercolour painting, between dabbling in the restaurant and small bar scene, though not to the exclusion of the larger bars. I enjoy theatre and opera, film and the arts and I live in inner Sydney with my partner Annie Fitzpatrick, our daughter Annabel and our Burmese pussycat, Nangi




INSIDE THE KITCHEN CUPBOARD about a little one’s life in war torn England


Murphy was born in the UK in 1943 and spent his formative years in the beautiful cathedral city of Exeter, before boarding school and the sea beckoned.  This book covers his childhood days with mainly his brother and mother as companions.  It addresses the difficulties bestowed upon a single parent in post war Britain as perceived through a young man’s eye and with all the honesty and innocence of youth.


His father was killed fighting in North Africa shortly before he was born, but despite the grim uncertainty of those dark days and with the blitzing of London and southern England a deadly reality, life went on regardless.


In this, his first foray into writing, Murphy waxes lyrical about outings with his unique and stylish grandmother, his mother’s interaction with the local providores and provides the reader with such descriptive similes that perfectly capture the very essence of that era and time.  One can’t help but laugh at the anticipation of Granny’s bavardage at the Clarence; his great grandmother’s eccentricities carrying pet macaws on her seafaring sojourns.


Such outings to the circus, Buckingham Palace; the local markets or the ‘Underground Train Affair’ are written with such candid fervor that the reader can’t help but be drawn in and left wanting more. It’s a wonderful jaunt through what could have been a dark and dire drudge.

 Mum, Aunty Maur, Peter and Patrick                             3 year old Peter Murphy


Murphy’s next book – Lands End for Orders turns to his wild adventures at sea. Knowing full well that his motion sickness knows no bounds and eccentricity runs in his family, he still reaches the lofty rank of Captain in the Merchant Navy.  His  next book  (to be published in January 2019) is sure to be filled with shenanigans and questionable incidents that force the reader to turn the pages to see if Murphy can navigate his way through the perils of sailing on the high seas.